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What do you need to run a hybrid event?

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid meetings are meetings that combine an event’s live and digital components. 

Before, we used to look at the multilingual hybrid events from a remote participants' point of view only. Thus, we said that we could have a virtual audience and in-person attendees in such meetings, while virtual events only have remote participants.

Come Film in Romania

FINDER – FIXER – SOLVERFULL FILM PRODUCTION SERVICES  1st Class Production Facilities & Services Experienced Crew | Budget Efficiency Wide Variety of Locations, Talents, Sound Stages and Studios Romania might be known for its amazing mountains, which are covered in more…

Romania from above

Romania is home to some of the most amazing scenery in Southeastern Europe and indeed the world. Home to the mythical Count Dracula, much of the country is covered by the Carpathian Mountains range, which also forms the great Transylvanian Plateau.  Romania also…